Why you should consider a splash screen

Splash Screens are a great way of introducing your website and is available as an option for all Folissimo themes.

To try out a splash screen for your site: click on the "Customise Theme" button to open the Theme Editor tick the 'splash' box on the top right

If you would like to customise the position and colour of your splash screen, click on the new tab "Splash" at the top then edit the available options.

How favicons can personalise your site

Favicons are the tiny icons that appear in the browser tab when you're viewing your website.

We recommend that you upload your own because this will make your site stand out in people's history and bookmarks.

The default is the Folissimo logo, but you can upload your own image within the "preferences":

  • Click on "preferences", then click on the "logo" tab
  • Select "upload your own favicon"
  • Choose any image, but if you upload an image which is 16x16 pixels it'll be really sharp
Tracking your Users with Google Analytics

Knowing what your audience wants is really important to building and maintaining a successful website. You may think that you have a good idea what your most impressive work is, but you never know until you see the stats.

If you want to see detailed information on who visits your site, where they come from, how long they stay on your site and a whole host of other information, then we highly recommend you link Google Analytics to your Folissimo page.

How to do it:
  1. Create an account at www.google.com/analytics/
  2. Create a new property using your Folissimo address (ie www.yoursite.com or yoursite.folissimo.com)
  3. Your new property will have an id - something like UA-XXXXXXXX-X where X is a number
  4. Log in to the admin section (admin.folissimo.com) and click on “Preferences” then click on the “Search” tab.
  5. Paste your property id into the “Google Analytics” field and press save.
  6. Visit your site

Within 24 hours Google Analytics you will start getting detailed information on your site